Internet has provided a great opportunity to many people to communicate with people who you may have never met in life or seen but can get acquainted by texting them messages. You may think why would I want to talk to a stranger, but this is a good of networking, it can help you to make more friends, learn so many things about the other person and his cultures, traditions etc. Here it can be a close chat rooms or open chat rooms where many people come together and discuss which is also known as multicast communication or it can be one on one discussion which is known as point to point communication. You can also conduct web conferencing too.


There are many chat rooms available with various themes and purposes or for general discussions. Some are free some are paid ones. If you search the net you will come across them or you may have seen advertisements about them too. You have to choose what kind of chat room you want to participate in and accordingly sign in with them.

Some of the omegle chat rooms available would for dating, matrimonial, some other groups etc. There are all kinds of topics that would be discussed under the sun, with each participant giving out his/her opinion of what they think. The group chats can be also called synchronised conferencing.

Care should be take the chat doesn't turn offensive and hurt the sentiments of any participants. Expressing views but maintaining self regulation is important.

The recent features of chat rooms are more enticing with added features such as live stream videos, sending gifts, emoticons and much more.

It has the same feeling as spoken words but they are just typed out or if you have webcams you will be able to see the person with whom you are interacting with. It is so useful that you could just anyone from any corner of the world and almost without a charge. This interaction will help you to discover many things.




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