There are a number of random chat sites which are there. These chat rooms have been used for years now. The reason for these chat rooms to be there is that people can chat online and connect with other people.


Some people who are introverted in nature, find it hard to socialize and to talk to strangers in real life. Therefore, chat rooms and these random chat sites allow them to get the practice they need to be able to socialize in real life.


When a person chat online, due to the anonymity they are more free. They are able to express themselves in a better way and be more open. When people talk to strangers, they know that they will not be judged or that they will not have to live up to what the opposite person expects them to be based on the role they play, the life they lead, so on and so forth.



Chat rooms provide a secure environment to a person who wants to brainstorm and solve his or problems. He or she may be embarrassed to do so in person or may not feel free enough in real life. Here in the cyber world, as no one is aware of who they are interacting with. It is due to this that it is easy to be more open and free. This allows people to see what the real problem is – thereby being able to explain the entire scenario. In turn, as the entire situation is known, it is easy for those in the chat room to be able to offer solutions much better than if the person was guarded about the entire scenario. When the person is usually guarded or embarrassed about certain facts, he or she will feed the listener with only bits and pieces of information. In the process, withholding information that is crucial and critical, they do not allow the listener to get a good grasp of the entire situation. The end result is that the solutions which are offered by the listener are no good or not applicable. If however, the listener is explained the entire scenario and situation, they will be in a better position to help the person with the problem and so it is good all around.


Else, the person wastes his or her time and the listener gets irritated as well as whatever solutions are offered by him or her, are rejected.